Kristin Burdge

Board Member - Executive Committee Member at Large

Kristin has been involved with DREAM since 2002 when she first became a mentor in the fledgling program at Dartmouth College.  Hailing from Pasadena, CA, Kristin has tried to take advantage of all the adventurous opportunities that life has had to offer. Her interest and advocacy for the world’s marginalized voices led her to Dartmouth College, where she studied English and Psychology. Additionally, certification in Elementary School education led her to teach and serve as Assistant Principal for a year in the Marshall Islands.  Through teaching, Kristin learned that her passion lies more in social and broader community issues, and so she turned to the DREAM Program in Vermont.

As an AmeriCorps member and Programs Staff person, Kristin was a part of DREAM’s second strategic planning process and grew to intimately know the organization. Having maxed out her AmeriCorps eligibility, Kristin reluctantly left the organization…for six months.  She joined the Board, where she continues her service today.  Since then she has spent a year designing mentoring and tutoring programs at the King Street Center in Burlington, VT, completed a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work with a global concentration at Boston College, and has been working in Washington, DC with youth in the juvenile justice system around community service and substance abuse treatment.  She dreams of someday soon opening the next DREAM expansion office.  Once a DREAMer, always a DREAMer.