Lizzy Healy

Originally from a small town on Long Island, Lizzy grew up babysitting and spending her summers as a camp counselor. Her passion for helping children influenced her to become a teacher.

When Lizzy first came to the University of Vermont’s campus for a tour, she was immediately introduced to DREAM. As she approached her tour guide she noticed that she was wearing the infamous bright yellow DREAM shirt and was eager to learn more about the program. Ever since that moment Lizzy knew that she wanted to be a part of that program.

In September 2011, Lizzy started her freshman year and joined DREAM. Lizzy always looked forward to Friday DREAM events and spending time with her mentee. DREAM was a huge part of Lizzy’s undergraduate experience. She served as secretary and co-chair of the Riverside program.

In May of 2015, she graduated from UVM with a dual-degree in Elementary and Special Education. She currently works as a Special Educator for grades K-2 at Sheldon Elementary School in Sheldon, VT.

Lizzy attributes much of her success as a teacher to DREAM for helping her to learn how to advocate for children and build lasting relationships. In her free time, Lizzy enjoys paddle boarding, skiing, cooking, baking and reading.

Lizzy joined the DREAM board in the spring of 2013 as a student/mentor representative and has stayed on the board since graduating.