Matt Karkut

Camp Programming and Operations Manager

Matt graduated from Champlain College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technologies with a specialization in Web Applications Development. Though studying programming and the modern internet, all of Matt's time away from books was filled with fresh air and adventures in the Green Mountains.

During his years at Champlain, Matt enjoyed three summers in various roles at Camp DREAM. It was during this time that he began to solidify and embrace his views on the profound benefits of experiential education. Matt began work as a counselor at Camp in 2010, carrying over and building upon his experience from trekking, ski instructing and mentoring with DREAM's Birchwood community. He furthered his skills working with youth in the outdoors during later years when he served as the Adventure Program Coordinator through the Vermont Youth Development Corps—an AmeriCorps State Program.

In the third quarter of 2014, Matt rejoined DREAM as the Camp Programming and Operations Manager. Matt left his job as a web developer at a local SaaS company to pursue a wider set of skills while managing DREAM's outdoor programming and land development. He is excited to draw upon six years of independent contracting and a lifetime of outdoor explorations to meet the unique blend of responsibilities in this role.

Matt comes to DREAM driven by a passion for the outdoors and a conviction for the impact it can have on growing youth and adults alike. He believes in a better world through respect for nature, awareness for sustainable practices and engagement with one's environment.

On any given day, Matt is likely out staying active. If he's not at one of the DREAM offices or at the Camp property, you may have a hard time tracking him down. He may be at the local rock gym or way out by a mountain creek laying in a hammock with a book. In the snowy months, he'll likely be out scoping new backcountry lines on a pair of skis. During the warmer times of the year he may be off hiking, rambling, climbing or biking through the mountains and along the shore of Champlain.

Matt's aim is to provide kids with rewarding adventure programming and further the infrastructure of Camp to support youth engagement. He is anxious to seize every challenge as an opportunity to further develop Camp into a regional adventure base where kids from across the Northeast can thrive, be inspired and build confidence.