Syria Aaron

Program Empowerment Director

This is Syria's second year working with DREAM! Syria is a resident Philly guru, having grown up at Westpark, West Philadelphia, and living here all of her life up until college.  She attended University City High School (Home of the Jaguars!) and Virginia State University.  Syria joined DREAM because she is interested in making a difference in her community.  It’s really refreshing to find an organization with similar beliefs as hers.  Her father was a firm believer in the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  She has adopted this way of thinking and wants to be a part of that village.  She hopes to gain more experience in nonprofit administration and management.


Syria served with City Year in Miami Dade County, where she got the chance to bond with mentors and make some really good connections.  It is there that she witnessed some of the challenging conditions that exist in the public school system.

Syria’s hobbies include dancing (she is the coach of a dance troupe called D.D.T.)  She also enjoys yoga, writing, and reading.  Her favorite song is “Ready for Love” by her favorite singer, India Arie.  Her favorite food is any type of seafood other than lobster.