Tia Ganguly

Tia Ganguly is a career counselor and leader with a passion for assisting individuals and groups to overcome adversity and seize opportunity.  Ms. Ganguly received a BA in History and Education from Mount Holyoke College and a MS in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Vermont, where she developed a unique focus on counseling related to career development and diversity issues in counseling. 

A passionate advocate for social equity, Tia has spent her career in a variety of roles working to provide access to career and educational opportunities for youth and adults through career interventions.  She draws on diverse professional experience, having worked as a counselor and leader in higher education, non-profit, for-profit, secondary education, and State government.

Up until 2012 she worked as the Career Development Manager  at VSAC where she oversaw statewide career and college access initiatives supporting low-income Vermonters and managed Vermont’s Career and College Access Challenge Grant. Prior to her work at VSAC she worked with Vermonters with disabilities as a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor. 

Currently Ms. Ganguly has a private career counseling practice providing support to individuals and organizations. Additionally, she teaches for CCV and UVM’s graduate Counseling Program. Tia joined the DREAM Board in October 2015.