Victoria Fener

Victoria joined DREAM as a mentor during her freshman fall in 2004, but truly became a DREAMer at Winter Adventure Camp in 2005 when Camp was only a handful of platform tents and the overnight temperature was a balmy -20F.  The kids didn't let the weather get in their way, and Victoria was immediately hooked on the power of DREAM to change kids' (and mentors') lives.  

Victoria joined the DREAM National Growth Team as a founding member in 2013.  She's been thrilled to see DREAM expand to Boston and Philly, and is looking forward to building on that momentum to carry DREAM to even more communities.  As part of the Growth Team, she is working with the DREAM staff on strategy and planning for national expansion.

Victoria is a co-founder and the CFO & Head of Product for, a goal-setting platform that leverages behavioral economics to help people achieve their goals.  She is also an adviser for early-stage startups and serves as a Steering Committee member and mentor for social entrepreneurs at PresenTense.  Victoria graduated with a degree in Economics from Dartmouth College and lives in New York.