High Adventure

High Adventure 2010 - Northern CaliforniaDartmouth High Adventure - 2010 High Adventure is an example of the DREAM model working in its purest form. It is a program that must be inspired and led by mentors and teenage mentees. Local Programs are empowered to plan summer adventures, taking them to locations most have never visited. Both mentors and mentees involved in High Adventure participate in activities that expand their comfort zone and provide exposure to new and exciting things!

If you are a mentee or a mentor and are interested in leading a High Adventure trip, contact the DREAM Staff in your closest DREAM location.

Recent High Adventures:

  • Washington DC (Summer 2012) - Dartmouth College Local Programs - Nine mentees and three mentors spent nine days exploring our nation's capital, including a tour of George Washington University, culminating with a camping trip in Williamsburg, VA and a trip to Busch Gardens.
  • Northern California (Summer 2010) - Dartmouth College Local Programs - Twenty-one mentees and nine mentors spent thirteen days exploring Northern California, including San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and a tour of Stanford University. 
  • Florida (Summer 2008) - Dartmouth College Local Programs
  • Maine and New York City (Summer 2007) - University of Vermont/Elm Street
  • Southern California (Summer 2006) - Dartmouth College Local Programs
  • Alaska (Summer 2005) - University of Vermont/Elm Street

Dartmouth High Adventure - 2012 - Washington DCDartmouth High Adventure - 2012